Tattoo removal treatment

Tattoos are generally considered to be permanent and it is thought that they do not go away once they are made. However, it is not completely true. Nowadays, laser tattoo removal is a popular technique used to remove tattoos. It is a very effective and painless method.

When You can Take Tattoo Removal treatment?

You can go for tattoo removal treatment if
 Do not like the final look of your tattoo
 Your tattoo has faded
 You do not want a tattoo anymore
 You develop an allergy or infection due to the tattoo

How does it work?

During tattoo removal treatment, laser is used to remove the tattoo by breaking down the pigments it contains.At first, the local anaesthesia is applied to numb the skin. Then the high pulse laser beam is applied on the target area. The black pigments in the tattoo absorb all the wavelength of the laser, allowing it to be removed easily.
Broken down pigments in the tattoo are considered as foreign bodies and naturally removed by the body’s defence mechanism.

Number of sessions required

Two or more sessions of laser treatment for tattoo removal might be needed for the complete removal of your tattoo. The number of sessions needed to remove a tattoo depends upon
 Type of your skin
 Location of tattoo
 Quantity and colour of ink
 Age of tattoo
 The depth of the pigments in the tattoo


Even though tattoo removal treatment is an efficient way to get rid of the tattoo on your skin, erasing the tattoo 100 % is practically not possible and slight stains of the tattoo might remain on your skin even after several sessions.


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