Skin tightening treatment by laser

Skin tightening treatment by laser

Skin tightening treatment is the FDA-approved cosmetic procedure that results in reduced wrinkles and promotes firm, younger-looking and smooth skin. It is a non-invasive technique to treat loose and saggy skin.

The procedure

This Skin tightening laser treatment involves the use of an infra-red laser that heats the collagen beneath the skin surface leading to its contraction (tightening). Thus, production of new collagen in the skin cells is enhanced and more collagen is absorbed from the surrounding cells. Intermittent pulses of laser are applied on the skin through a hand-held device by a specialised
professional. The duration of one session lasts from 30 minutes to one hour depending upon the area under treatment.
Multiple treatment sessions are needed for a noticeable change. However, optimal results can be seen after two to three sessions approximately a month apart.

Target areas for skin tightening treatment

If you have wrinkled, flappy skin on your face, face tightening treatment can be the best bet for you. However, skin tightening laser treatmentis not just limited to the face butcan be used to tighten any part of the body including face, neck, chin, arms, thighs etc.


The recovery period of skin tightening laser treatment is minimal and requires no downtime.So you can expect to return to work immediately after the procedure.


Following are the benefits of our laser skin tightening treatment:
● Very less discomfort.
● Little or no downtime needed.
● Short recovery time.
● Suitable for all skin types and all ages.


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