Pigmentation removal treatment by laser

What are Pigmentation Lesions?

Benign pigmentation lesions may form on the skin surface due to excessive and unsafe sun exposure or sun damage to the skin or aging. These can also be referred to as solar lentigines. These can be in brown, black or blue in color.

Why Take Pigmented lesions treatment by laser?

Laser pigmented lesions treatment offers an effective and fast option for treating the pigmentation lesions. At Laser One Solution, we have trained and experienced team who thoroughly examines your condition before recommending the laser for pigmented lesions. We ensure that you get the safest and most comfortable treatment with minimal side effects and downtime.

How it works?

The pigmented lesions treatment with laser offers a quick and highly effective alternative to over-the-counter topical applications. The intense light pulses are applied on the target area which break down the pigments and does not damage the skin. This means it destroys the accumulated pigmented lesions without skin ablation.

Results and Downtime

The results of pigmented lesion removal with laser are immediate and there is no downtime. You can quickly start with your daily activities following the treatment.


 FDA approved treatment
 No side effects and downtime
 Effective and quick pigmented lesion removal
 Painless non-invasive procedure
 Does not harm your skin


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