Face lifting by laser

Face lifting by laser

Wrinkled skin with fine lines and sagginess are the signs and symptoms of aging but nobody loves this look. Today, the latest technology has enabled you to get your younger-looking skin
back.You can get yourself rid of the effects of aging on your face by the face lifting treatment.

What is Facelifting with Laser?

Face lifting by laser is one of one of the revolutionary procedures that tighten the skin of your face, putting at bay the unwanted old age look. It is done to tighten the skin of the lower face, along the jawline and beneath the chin without involving a surgical procedure.

The procedure

During this procedure, a high power radiofrequency laser is used to provide heat to the skin at an optimal temperature. The duration of the treatment is 20 minutes. A mild hot massage is given to your skin. Although you will feel some heat on your face, it will not be too uncomfortable.


With face lifting by laser, you can expect wonderful results that last a few years. Results of facial tightening are noticeable immediately after the procedure. Further improvement in facial skin tightening will be seen after the next few months due to the production of healthy collagen.

This is the best face lifting treatment for those who want to achieve a firm and compact facial skin without any surgical intervention.

Benefits of face lifting treatment

There are numerous benefits of face lifting by laser. These include:
● Pain free technique
● No incision needed
● No visible signs of treatment
● No scarring
● Minimal downtime


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